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Transport Services

Randy's next transport trip east will be leaving Oregon 2/22/18. Contact us if you have any transport needs in that timeframe. This trip will include a stop at Amber Autumn auction in Phoenix, just in case you're thinking of bidding on any animals who will need transport!

 Routing (on most trips) is based on who needs what where! Please contact us for routing, availability, and pricing on our next trip. 

Our transport trailer is a fully-enclosed 30' trailer with multiple entry/exit doors,dropdown ramps front & rear, floor to ceiling gates separating sections, large, dropdown windows and multiple air vents. Floor of trailer is lined with permanent cushioned spray on liner designed for easy cleanup and sanitation. Trailer is cleaned & sanitized after every trip.

We also offer "local" smaller transport services in our local area for up to 10 animals - please contact us for specifics.

Special medication/attention needs can be accommodated - just let us know and we'll be glad to comply. Your animals will always be treated as if they were our own (and some of them usually are!) and given the special attention they deserve. Moms and crias are welcomed.

We transport yearly to the Futurity, AOBA National Conference, GWAS and several other shows. In addition to transport to/from shows, we also offer a limited number of "Show & Care" packages for animals traveling to shows without "you" in tow! Please ask about specifics if you'd like to send animals to a specific show or shows and are unable to personally attend.

Pricing and Terms:
Please contact Randy or Barbara via e-mail (wapalpacas@frontier.com) for current schedule and pricing. All animals require health certificates (CVI's) that meet the requirements of the state they will be delivered to.

Dodge Megacab & 30' Trailer

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